Triple Threat Training LLC
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Film Consultation ///

Send us videos of your swing, and we will break it down for you. We will personally provide you with  specific suggestions, drills, and feedback that could help take your swing to the next level.



30 minute or 1 hour training session ///

Sign up for a single lesson with one of our expert trainers. We offer a 30 minute or a full hour session that is tailored to meet your schedule. Our training sessions consists of hands on instruction and practice. We also provide video of your swing for your own personal use. 


30 min: $25

1 hr: $50


6 week package ///

The 6 week package consists of 6 consecutive weeks with a 1 hour training session. This package also comes with measuring of your swing speed, launch angles, and much more over the 6 week duration so we can accurately track your progress. 




Group Lessons ///

Group lessons are 1 hour training sessions that take place with a group of your pals. Have up to 4 people per session!


4 people = $25 per person

3 people = $35 per person

2 people = $45 per person